For Individuals & Families

Let's face it, you would probably rather go to the dentist than deal with taxes. All the forms, did you withhold enough, what deductions are best for you (and your family), how many miles did you drive, business-use-of-home, day-care expenses, education credits, gambling winnings (or losses)... we could go on.  Thankfully, help is here!  The team at Unified Tax Services understands.  We have families, expenses, deductions; all the same things to think about.  The difference?  We have over 25 years experience doing it, and we are here to share that expertise with you!  We've studied the continuous stream of tax law changes, we are preparing returns nationwide and we help our clients and their families "Send Less to the IRS®". 

If you:

  • think you are paying too much to get your return prepared?  UTS has a flat-rate filing fee.  For new clients, $250 includes your Federal, State/s, all forms and schedules, and includes e-filing, where available.
  • worried that you are not getting all your deductions or may have missed some last year?  Never fear!  UTS is happy to provide a complimentary tax return review to determine if we can save you more money on your taxes and explain all the deductions you are eligible for.
  • received a letter in June, but your preparer is not available?  UTS is a year-round, full-service tax firm.  We are available to help you with those (sometimes) confusing letters from the IRS or the State/s, even if they come when you'd rather be at the beach.