For Small Business & Trusts

Running a business is hard work, even for the most experienced business owner.  And what about if you are the executor of a trust?  Did you know that trusts can file returns, too?  Tax time can be overwhelming as it is, and when you add the requirements for small businesses or trusts, it can be even harder.  You know what's not hard?  Choosing to work with Unified Tax Services for your taxation needs.  Whether you are a first-timer in this brave, new world or an old pro, we are here to make sure that you are maximizing your deductions, reporting everything correctly and ensuring that you "Send Less to the IRS®"! Our flexible meeting times, either in-person or via video or conference call, makes it easier than ever to manage your tax situation and feel confident that you are working with a team who understands your needs.  Don't go it alone!  Contact UTS today!